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Metal processing enterprises to maintain the status quo of what

  At present, the production of mixed metal processing technology standards, many large companies overseas to China as their products processing base, there are a lot of international companies have entered the mainland market in the past. Chinese hardware products in the replacement stage, from low-end to high-end products over time. This is for the development of Chinese metal processing industry is very beneficial in the process of foreign products to the domestic transfer process, including raw materials is bound to some foreign advanced production technology and management models brought together.
  From traditional hardware, one tool in this piece, like hand tools, hydraulic tools, power tools for rapid development. Second, architectural hardware, decorative hardware aspect, replacement faster. Metal parts market in great demand. Handan, a small factory, the production process is very backward, it sales force across the country reached more than 10 million.
  China's hardware industry after ten years of accumulation and steady improvement, it is now the world's production of larger countries, steady growth in exports per year. Among them, the large amount of exports is the tool products, amounted to $ 5.34 billion; followed by construction hardware, to $ 4.34 billion. Faucet export $ 2.23 billion, exports $ 680 million locks. Exports of many countries are the United States, Japan, Europe, South Korea. China's annual exports of metal industry at a rate of around 8% growth. Due to increased expansion of China's hardware manufacturing level and production capacity, it is expected over the next five years, China's hardware products will remain above 10% per year steady growth. Hardware import and export of electromechanical products the first 10 months of more than 500 billion US dollars. Surplus has widened further, totaled $ 7.06 billion, accounting for 64 percent of China's trade surplus. Changes in the international metal markets provide a good opportunity for China's exports of metal products. China, Taiwan and parts of Asia, Hong Kong's production of metal products in the world, second only to the developed countries.
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