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Domestic hardware manufacturing industry need clear thinking

  Domestic hardware manufacturing industry occupies a special place in the manufacturing system, its level of development determines the overall level of manufacturing. Experts pointed out that "five" period, the overall goal of China's strategic emerging industries intelligent mold manufacturing equipment development is the development of intelligent mold to drive efficient, precise, improve the overall level of high-performance molds to meet the "intelligent manufacturing" complementary requirements to drive the mold in order to improve the overall level of strategic emerging industries and services, and make the smart mold level has been greatly enhanced, and lay a solid foundation for China's mold industry in 2020 into the world to die power.
  It is reported that "five" period, China's hardware industry mold the future development of clear ideas and direction, strengthen our intelligent mold development of new industries, leading to efficient, precise, improve the overall level of high-performance molds, the future, the domestic mold products will be towards more sophisticated, complex, larger die size, shorter manufacturing cycle aspects of development, mold manufacturing technology will better reflect the information technology, digital, fine, high-speed, automated, will vigorously promote the domestic metal mold industry the continuous development.
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