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Jargon metal stamping

  Metal stamping is the process after a series of products in different processes with different names, that we often say jargon. Today we look at the technical terms about metal stampings common.
  First, drawing: the straight pieces of wool or step into the hollow member, or the hollow member further changes shape and size installed a stamping process. Drawing temporal core member located mainly rely on material other than the punch die to form the bottom of the inflow.
  Second, trimming: the use of metal stamping die trimming edge forming process, so that it has a certain diameter and a certain height or a certain shape of a stamping process.
  Third, punching: the waste along the closed contour isolated from the material or process parts of a stamping process to obtain the required holes in the material or workpiece.
  Fourth, flanging: around along its side profile curve will be translated into the short side of a stamping process.
  Fifth, turn the hole: the hole along the surrounding material translated into its side flange of a stamping process.
  Sixth, blanking: material separation along the closed contour of a stamping process, being separated material into the workpiece or process parts, most of planarity.
  Seventh, plastic: relying on material flow, a small amount of change in step shape and size, in order to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece a stamping process.
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